If you’ve tried to lose weight, you’ve probably heard all sorts of silly diet myths. However, can you tell fact from fiction? Here are two popular diet myths—along with the truth!

1. Never eat after 8 p.m. (or 10, or midnight, or any other time). Myth Status: Debunked!

Calories, the energy we get from food, cannot tell time. Moreover, your body isn’t that great at telling time, either. No matter what time you eat, your food will be digested and turned into nutrients, fats, energy, and waste. So what’s behind this myth? Many people make poor choices at night. If you’re filling your nighttime options with ice cream, pizza, chips, or other “junk” foods, you’re better off going to sleep. However, if you work late or simply don’t develop an appetite until the sun goes down, don’t worry: those calories will not turn right into fat.

2. Eat less to lose weight.Myth Status: Partially True.

At its basics, weight loss has to do with decreasing input and increasing output. However, a number of other factors play into this. Many people who simply skip meals or eat less at mealtimes unintentionally compensate by moving less—canceling out the effects of eating less. In addition, skipping meals can make you more hungry. When you get to your next meal, you’re likely to overeat! To lose weight, your best plan is to make small lifestyle changes—cut down on foods you overeat, exercise more, and consult with a doctor for a tailored dietary plan.
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