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Mission & Values

Our Core Values

Since Hayek’s Market opened in 1939, we’ve kept things simple. Our mission is to provide the highest quality grocery and ready-to-eat foods, at the best price, with the best customer service. We do this by paying careful attention to our supplies, our store, and most importantly, our customers! When you buy from Hayek’s, you can trust that your food will be fresh, delicious, and delivered with a smile.

High Quality

We choose our suppliers carefully, ensuring that we are using the best brands for our family and for yours! Whether this is something as small as a bottle of spices or something as large as a roast, we have carefully evaluated the competition, leaving you to do the cooking and eating!

Competitive Prices

We work efficiently to keep our prices competitive. We try to supply our store with local products whenever possible, decreasing the cost of transportation. Our sales and discounts let you know what is in season and available for the best prices!

Great Customer Service

When you visit Hayek’s, you’re not just shopping—your visiting your community! Our associates are trained to provide prompt, courteous service, and we will always greet you with a smile.

Declaration of Interdependence

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Our Vision Statement

We envision a world where everyone can afford healthy, delicious foods!

Sustainability Statement

We are committed to supporting sustainable growth and local development! We partner with community agriculture members to reduce emissions, promote local growth, and keep your foods local.