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Healthy Eating

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Healthy Eating

Are you ready to start eating healthier?

Don’t waste time with expensive supplements, fancy diets, or strange fads—healthy eating starts with real food! How can Hayek’s Market help you eat healthier?

      • Healthy recipes using local ingredients
      • Tips and tricks to make your cooking healthier
      • Ways to incorporate more healthy foods into your diet
      • Best foods to eat
      • High-quality ingredients

Featured Recipes

Here are some of our healthiest recipes! Check back often, because we’re always adding more!

Cooking Tips

From replacing oil with applesauce to eliminating salt without eliminating flavor, our chefs have prepared their favorite tips to help you cook healthier!

Healthy Budgets

Eating well doesn’t have to break the bank. See our top tips for a healthy budget!


Looking at kale or broccoflower and wondering how you can incorporate them into your diet? Our How-To guides have the answers!

“Cheat” with Catering

Looking for healthy options, but no time to cook? Check out our suggestions for healthy food from our catering menu!

Unhealthy Myths

Fact or fiction… with health, it can be hard to tell the difference! Check back regularly as we bust health myths to help you stay informed.